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Welcome To P2F Meals

P2F Meals was created with an idea to better the health of our community. Owner and founder Tim Perkins was originally inspired to build this company from his own personal health and fitness journey. By enhancing his own health and collaborating with local healthcare leaders, he came to truly believe in the idea that “Food is Medicine.”

After understanding how what we consume directly impacts our health, he wanted to change the current food culture. Through research and product development Tim was able to create a menu that encompasses a complete nutrient profile with flavors that are comforting and nostalgic. Additionally, by focusing on sustainability by minimizing waste, composting, and utilizing green packaging, P2F Meals is working to reduce the standard carbon footprint of the food industry.

By increasing the accessibility of plant based options, reducing carbon footprint, and optimizing meal nutrient density, P2F Meals strives to lead the way in revolutionizing how we think about fast food.